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UK pronounciations of the Phonics sounds taught in UK schools

Available in the UK App Stores. (Please get in touch if you would like this outside the UK as it would be quite possible to do that but I don't know that it is correct/suitable for other markets). Alternatively you can download directly for the Mac.

Mac (Big Sur) Direct download link. Just unzip and drag into your Applications folder.

App screenshot showing some of the phonemes you can hear in the app!

Phonics UK is a very simple application to help with the pronounciation of the phonemes as taught in school phonics in the UK.

It was only after attending the reading evening at my son's school that I realised that I had been getting some of the sounds wrong. For example 'r' is pronounced more like 'er' than 'ru'. This led me to believe that an app like this would be useful both to help me when assisting my son and also many other parents and children.


Make sure your iPad isn't silent and that the volume is suitable and then just touch the phoneme that you want to hear. It is that easy.


The full privacy policy for Phonics UK is available here and may be updated when new versions of Phonics UK are released.

The short version is that Phonics UK does not collect personal information.

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