Fast Lists (Sync) Roadmap

No Promises

This is an evolving document that will track my plans for Fast Lists and Fast Lists Sync. Everything in it is subject to the time available to work on it, feedback and other changes in priority that come my way.

Current Status

Fast Lists is has now been available for nearly a decade with only minor fixes and tweaks for at least the last five years. It is solid and dependable (except for occasional crashes as iOS updates reveal issues).

Fast Lists Sync is brand new without the breadth or duration of testing but it benefits from using the latest Apple frameworks to offer additional features including dark mode, drag and drop and multi-window support on the iPad and also brings iCloud syncing. There are also a couple of minor rough edges (the new item field doesn't automaticaly get reselected for text input ) due to some limitations of those latest frameworks.

Plan For Fast Lists

Major app update applying the Fast Lists Sync interface (new appearance, dark mode, drag & drop) to the original Fast Lists app. Data storage will remain the same (secure, local, private) but the user experience will be improved. It will also mean both apps share the bulk of their functionality and it can take advantage of the other new features planned.

The aim will be to have a combined project from which the bulk of updates will apply to both apps so they will gain many features together at the same time although this might not apply for the first releases.

iOS 8 and 9 support is being dropped in an intermediate release including information about Fast Lists Sync and providing promo-codes for Fast Lists Sync. When the new UI is deployed only iOS 14 will be supported but if you can't update to any of these versions you can still use the app you have but there will be no more updates

Feedback Request

It would be great if existing Fast Lists users can try Fast Lists Sync and let me know what they think about the UI and app generally. Let me know if anything seems like it might be a tricky adjustment. I'd rather get such issues sorted before dropping such a big change on existing users.

Future Features

  • Customise colour schemes
  • Custom tick / untick items
  • Backup/restore all lists

Fast Lists Sync potential feature

  • Share lists with other users

Not sure yet whether this will be possible within iCloud or if it will require the deployment of a separate custom backend system that could then allow lists to be shared and modified by multiple different users

Suggestions and Feedback welcome

I would love to get your feedback. Contact Human Friendly Support