Human Friendly

Human Friendly is the brand under which Joseph Lord writes apps, conducts training, blogs about iOS and Swift development. At this point there are three apps live in the iOS App Store.

iOS Apps

See them on the App Store:

Fast Lists

Written while learning iOS development and in the App Store since 2011 with excellent reviews. It is lacking some features and isn't using modern development approaches. The plan is to update this non-sync version when new UI and features have been stabilised in Fast Lists Sync.

Fast Lists Sync

Uses the latest development approaches (SwiftUI, Combine) and delivers an iCloud based sync experience between the user's devices.

Phonics UK

A very simple app for giving the correct pronunciation of the phonemes as taught in UK schools. The recording and editing of all the sounds with my child was far more time consuming than the software development for this one. Only available in the UK as I don't know if the approach is the same in other countries and I don't want to cause confusion.

Contract work

Human Friendly has undertaken contract work at times but is not currently available for this.