Privacy Policy

Human Friendly Ltd. does not currently collect process or store personal data. The information below describes the information that may be collected from the Phonics UK and the "Code Wheel - For Spy Kids" (Code Wheel) apps to improve the software.

Emails received by Human Friendly Ltd. will be retained and email addresses may be collected to allow information about product updates and new products to be distributed but these will not be linked to any of the anonymous data collection. Note that there is no provision for sending emails from within the app.

Future versions

This is the privacy policy for Phonics UK and Code Wheel and it will remain available here and may be updated when new versions of Phonics UK or Code Wheel are released.

Crash Reporting

In the event of a software crash a report will be sent ot Human Friendly Ltd. so that diagnosis can be undertaken for the purpose of improving the software. Human Friendly Ltd. cannot foresee any circumstances where this could contain personal information and if any is observed efforts will be taken to delete it.


There is no advertising in Phonics UK or Code Wheel


Email is not supported within the app. To contact Human Friendly Ltd. you must use your normal email client and account. Emails and email addresses are normally retained as business policy.

Law enforcement

It is highly unlikely that Human Friendly Ltd. will have access to any information that would be requested by law enforcement agencies. In the unlikely event that requests are made we will co-operate with valid court orders. Where permitted we will endeavour to inform affected users although our very lack of personal or contact information is likely to make that impossible.

3rd Party Suppliers

Human Friendly Ltd. currently hosts the crash report server on it's own servers (as of September 2013) but may for technical or commercial reasons decide to move the hosting to a reputable 3rd party such as Amazon, Rackspace or Digital Ocean.

Inteligence Agencies

Human Friendly Ltd. cannot protect you from the NSA, GCHQ, FSB, etc. although we have absolutely no intention of co-operating or supporting any of them.