Fast Lists

Quickly Create and Edit Checklists (and other lists) and most importantly tick off completed items all on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Fast Lists 2.07 Available now from the App Store.

Create and edit checklists and most importantly tick off completed items.

Version 1.x had great reviews (4.5★ average across all stores). Every English language review the app has received is available on the right (below if you have a small screen). Version 2 is even better so please try it and write a review.

Create and edit checklists and most importantly tick off completed items. Fast Lists is great for reusable and easily editable checklists to make sure you don't forget anything. Lists that you want again and again are the real focus.

Lists can include nested sublists to help you organise the list. And the list can be reordered by clicking the Edit button and dragging the item you want to move.

No sign in or registration required and none of your information is stored online, everything is in your device all the time even when you are offline. Your privacy is respected at all times, the app only reports very general usage information and sends reports in the event of a crash. These reports can be disabled.

Quick buttons to hide the completed items and to view all items as a flat list (especially useful in combination to quickly see the last remaining items).

Sublists can be reordered in the edit mode.

Compatible with and customised for optimum experience on all models of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later including iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.


  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compatible (iOS7 required for Fast Lists 2.0 and later)
  • Quick inline item creation : just set name press return
  • Copy lists
  • Clear ticks in list - ready for reuse
  • Dynamic text support - adapts to system font size set in the main system Settings
  • Email lists
    • Send and receive lists
    • Send to friends and family or to copy between devices.
    • Use emailed files for backups.
    • Send lists in email bodies to people who don't have this application (in-app purchase).
    • Send lists to yourself for printing - (In app purchase required)
  • Nested/sub lists
  • Tick and untick items
  • Hide ticked items
  • Flatten list to see all sublist items
  • Manual reorder lists
  • iPhone 5 fullscreen support
  • iOS 7 support including 64bit build for iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Retina Mini
  • 100 items limit for free, purchases of additional items apply to all devices on the same account
    • Unlimited items for small one off purchase
  • Everything! In-app purchase will include all future features. No drip-drip charging if you choose this option. Cheaper options available for particular features.

Email but No Sync

Synchronisation between devices is not currently supported but you can email lists between them and to other people. You can also use email to create backups of your lists.

There are several reasons why there is currently no sync function (although it is under active consideration). There is no way with a sync function involving nested lists to avoid the possibility of losing changes without forcing user intervention in a number of case. For example if one device adds an item to a sublist that the other device deletes while both are offline there is no clear correct way to reconcile the lists. There is also a large amount of work and testing required and I am far from certain that it would make sufficient financial sense to commit that effort.

If synchronisation is supported in the future (and there is no commitment that it will be) it is likely to be with a login account with Human Friendly and subscription payments through the App Store in-app purchase mechanism so all the billing would be through Apple but there should be a way to share lists with other users. Existing "Everything" users would be entitled to synchronise at least one list for free.


The full privacy policy for Fast Lists is available here and may be updated when new versions of Fast Lists are released.

The short version is that Fast Lists does not collect personal information or list contents.

In-app Purchases

All purchases apply to all your devices (use 'Restore Purchases' in the settings menu to enable them). The 'Everything!' option includes the features of all the other purchases and you will also benefit from all future in-app purchase features [except any that require significant server side resources (and therefore cost) but there are no immediate plans for such features].

Existing customers who installed version 1.27 or earlier and have at least one item in a list when they upgrade to 1.30 or later will keep the ability to create unlimited items on that device and the ability to send readable (HTML) type emails without needing to purchase any upgrades. These benefits will apply to new devices if you restore them from a backup.

Potential Future Feature Ideas

Long term (let us know what your priorities are or any other feature requests):

  • Synchronisation mechanism - probably with accounts and subscription based pricing
  • Multiple item creation from text list
  • Option to convert empty list to item
  • Option to convert item to a list
  • Move/copy items and sublists lists
  • Additional language support
  • Send lists via Facebook/Twitter

For bug reports and feature requests please contact

Email for support

All App Store Reviews

Simply the best ★★★★★

by J,haskchiuadbcj - Version - 2.2 - Mar 20, 2015

This is by far the best list app out there, it's simple, straight forward, and easy to use. Anyone who used paper lists knows you don't need or want all the complicated functions and alarms that other list apps contain, you want a simple list package that allows you to make lists, tick them off and have the added benefit of deleting and resorting the order to keep them tidy. That is what this app provides, it's a list makers dream. Also, to correct a review that states you can't have sub lists on this app; well yes you can, I have numerous sub lists within my lists. The only problem I have is that I like this app so much I would like to use this app across devices and synchronise lists, but sadly as yet this is not an option. Thanks for a great app.

Fantastic!!!!!! ★★★★★

by Afishinguy - Version - 2.2 - Feb 24, 2015

This app is fantastic! I used to write down a list on a piece of paper, then leave the house and forget the paper. With this app my lists are always on my phone. Easy to use. A must-have! You won't forget things now!

Simple ★★★★

by A. Moor - Version - 2.2 - Feb 23, 2015

Very, very, good because it is so simple. It lacks Sub-List which is a shame, for example in a Shopping list, it would be convenient to break it down into Sub Lists of Vegetables, Cleaning, Meat, Dairy, etc. Otherwise it's simple, it's easy and it works!

Easy simple straightforward love it! ★★★★★

by Weseedgrs - Version - 2.2 - Feb 1, 2015

I have used few similar list apps but this one is the best! I don't need one with reminder alarm so this one is handy without nagging. Great for shopping list, packing list and to do list. Not complicated like others with too many not-the-best functions that I found them didn't quite fit in my personal preferences. This one is simple straightforward and easy list. Sometimes simple can be the best!

The best checklist ★★★★★

by Manoliahannoon - Version - 2.2 - Jan 31, 2015

I find it very helpful. It's simple yet awesome. You can create lists within lists, and add as many items as you want. Thank you.

The ideal structure for a checklist app ★★★★

by Michael11694 - Version - 2.2 - Jan 25, 2015

It has the potential to be the best checklist on the market. To be complete it needs a way of sorting lists and graphically nesting lists and most important for me: INSTRUCTIONS. A method for synching lists across devices. Give us that and it will be the only list app I will ever look at. I promise.

Outstanding! ★★★★★

by BlindersOn - Version - 2.2 - Jan 1, 2015

I use this app daily. Highly recommend it.

Simple and efficient ★★★★

by HenrikGlobetrotter - Version - 2.11 - Dec 13, 2014

Exactly what I needed.

Brilliant ★★★★★

by SMc1233:) - Version 2.07 - Aug 29, 2014

Great app so easy to use. Doesn't try to be over complicated!

A neat, no nonsense check off list ★★★★

by SH-B - Version 2.07 - Jul 4, 2014

I use this app for checking my wife has all her kit before a triathlon and ticking off riders on time trials. Other apps seem to want to act like a personnel organiser and link to diaries but this one just ticks boxes. The one little niggle I have is that it is too easy to accidentally enter the edit mode for sub headings, especially if holding an iPhone in the left hand and using the left thumb to enter data. Overall, a good app that does what it advertises to do.

Great app ★★★★★

by Phillygirl12 - Version 2.05 - Jun 4, 2014

Does exactly what it's supposed to do! Create your own checklists with multiple subheadings. Very clear and straightforward in design. Just what I needed.

Great app with great support ★★★★★

by Photojon1 - Version 2.04 - May 17, 2014

I have found numerous uses for this app. There are lots of list tracking apps but few let you reuse your lists- and this one even allows you to hide whats been completed. I initially got it to track exercises my son needed to do each day while in physical therapy. A similar use is tracking exercises completed/to do at a gym. I also use it to track whose paid monthly dues for scouts and sports team. When I did report a small bug it was fixed and resubmitted to apple within a day. Thanks for the great app and support!!

very useful ★★★★★

by Akimo412 - Version 2.04 - Apr 23, 2014

Im using this app Together with Things and Lumentrails. Its a great and simplistic app with a clean UI. Love it.

Great App ★★★★★

by Boctie - Version 2.04 - Apr 12, 2014

This is a really useful app. You can add categories which others done and it even gives you the opportunity for quantities. Great for holidays and all other lists.

Don't waste time

by Disappointed1998898 - Version 2.04 - Mar 23, 2014

Don't waste your time. Tried to create a simple list and email the list. Unfortunately it would note without purchasing a paid version of the app. Try another app.

[Human Friendly Response] Fast Lists is useful for many even in the free form. In app purchases are required for certain features including to send emails as text. You can email lists to other Fast Lists users WITHOUT any purchase. I'm sorry you are dissappointed and hope that you find a product that you like.

Love it!!!! ★★★★★

by Soxsue - Version 1.73 - Dec 3, 2013

I can't tell you how much I love this app. It's deceptively simple. The sub-list feature is awesome. I use it for EVERYTHING. Packing, shopping, event prep, Work, weekly to-do, each kid, etc. Two features I'd like to see: 1)an auto-sync between phone and iPad. ( but emailing them back and forth is so simple that it's not really a big deal. ) 2) ability to password protect certain lists. My Christmas list is a little too accessible to my kids.....

Not very ethical

by Need a car - Version 1.73 - Oct 5, 2013

Seems to hold your usage data to ransom unless you pay to switch off the usage data feedback function. For that sole reason I have decided not to use this app now. Otherwise it would have been a really good app.

[Human Friendly Response] Even if this item is not purchased only anonymous information about use of the app and error reporting is collected. List contents are never intentionally collected (although may on occassions be returned in crash reports) and there is no registration or personal information transmitted at all. The diagnostic information is valuable information to enable Human Friendly to improve the application (many bugs have been found by this mechanism) but we recognise that some people may prefer no data collection at all so this option is available. The cost is to compensate for denying the information and to discourage opt-out. Please review the privacy policy if you have any concerns and feel free to discuss with me whether this is unreasonable. Please note that many paid and unpaid apps collect far more information than Fast Lists does with no option at all to opt out of the data collection. I am sorry that you have elected not to use Fast Lists but would absolutely defend the ethical position of Human Friendly in the way data is handled and charging the minimum in-app purchase price to disable the valuable error logging.

Finally! ★★★★★

by Jajmadj - Version 1.51 - Jun 26, 2013

I take pride in the fact that I am an organized person. I've been searching, downloading, removing, on and on, different apps that would be helpful to me. Needless to say none of them were what I wanted. Until I ran across Fast lists. Within 2 weeks I upgraded to the unlimited version. I LOVE THIS APP! So user friendly! Easy to use, not a lot of thinking required, lol! Thank you so much! I give it 5 stars!

[Human Friendly Response] Thanks for the review. Your cheque is in the mail.[JOKE]

Easy to use ★★★★★

by Bonolio - Version 1.51 - Apr 18, 2013

Very user friendly interface for creating lists in different categories, with great editing features.

Only needs 2 things ★★★★

by Mbsjrka - Version 1.51 - Apr 9, 2013

This is a good nest list app. I would like to be able to sort the list, at least alphabetically if not by priority. If it had the ability to move checked items to the bottom rather than hide them, I'd stop looking for another list app.

[Human Friendly Response] The list can be manually sorted by tapping on "Edit" and then dragging the bars that appear at the right hand side of every item and sublist up and down until the required order is achieved. See the support page for more details.

Good ★★★★

by thanksforthememories - Version 1.51 - Mar 29, 2013

Allows 100 items for free, which isn't bad to use for just one trip. Very simple to use and easy to add items and check off items.

Uncluttered my brain! ★★★★

by Abdlee - Version 1.50 - Feb 28, 2013

Just got this app & so far so good! Great for grocery and 'things to do' lists! Very easy to use!

I love lists ★★★★★

by JamieReverb - Version 1.50 - Feb 13, 2013

This app saved me from having lists everywhere and sticky notes galore. Now all of my lists are in one place and I love checking off things upon completion!

The Best ★★★★★

by JulieKay83 - Version 1.50 - Feb 12, 2013

I tried many & this is the best list app out there for making list. The author went beyond his duty to fix a problem I created. Great app!

Great app ★★★★★

by Yoga tee - Version 1.44 - Feb 8, 2013

This is a very straightforward app. I use it for packing lists for various kinds of trips I take. It's easy to use and does the job -- nothing fancy. It would be nice to be able to manually rearrange the categories of lists (like you can the items within a list).

[Human Friendly Response] The workaround for this is that the lists themselves are alphabetically arranged so you can prefix them with numbers if you need a different order.

I simply love it ★★★★★

by Zookeeper hargorf - Version 1.44 - Feb 6, 2013

Easy to use. Fantabulous. Best on market and I've tried a few

The Best List Maker.. ★★★★★

by Old Groover - Version 1.44 - Feb 2, 2013

Tried all sorts of free and paid apps, but this is absolutely the best! Buy without hesitation!

It IS THE BEST ★★★★★

by Norahsuk - Version 1.44 - Jan 26, 2013

Ok so I have my favourite games etc, but this app is my favourite of all my apps. I use it for shopping lists, to do lists, organising list, everything. I have tried others (some more expensive) and they just don't compare. It is clear, concise and really quick to add/edit. Thank you! Shar


by Cmkxksmn - Version 1.44 - Jan 8, 2013


[Human Friendly Response] Thank-you for your eloquent feedback.

Best app ever!!! ★★★★★

by kt369 - Version 1.44 - Jan 6, 2013

I may b a bit sad but I love list and I use this app all the time it's perfect !!

Love it!!! 👍👍👍 ★★★★★

by SmileyTaylee - Version 1.44 - Jan 2, 2013

I really really like how you can put a list inside a list, I always do that, so it's really helpful. I just have one request, all the features are perfect, but I do wish that there was some customizing. Like different colors and fonts and stuff. 😊

Great app with great support ★★★★★

by Photojon1 - Version 1.43 - Dec 18, 2012

I have found numerous uses for this app. There are lots of list tracking apps but few let you reuse your lists- and this one even allows you to hide whats been completed. I initially got it to track exercises my son needed to do each day while in physical therapy. A similar use is tracking exercises completed/to do at a gym. I also use it to track whose paid monthly dues for scouts and sports team. When I did report a small bug it was fixed and resubmitted to apple within a day. Thanks for the great app and support!!

Fast Lists ★★★★★

by Kaz 1 - Version 1.43 - Dec 10, 2012

At last an app i can tick off items. Great app and its free thank you. One small point - would be useful to be able to insert a row especially when making a food shopping list - I like to keep dairy products together and tinned stuff etc its easy to forget an item and want to add it in.

Okayy ★★

by - Version 1.42 - Dec 9, 2012

It's okayy it just needs a few mor things can't it just be a normal list without having to drag stuff and if u accidentally click on something and hit delete u can't get it back ;(

Very useful, clean interface ★★★★

by Wildque - Version 1.42 - Dec 5, 2012

Been using it for a few days, very easy, getting used at work and at home. It will get 5 stars when it syncs across devices, like from iPhone to iPad. I have seen some reviews where people say at last a good free app, but they complain about this or that. I assume they go to work and do not expect to get paid for it!! At the end of the day it is the price of a coffee, we all have to make a living, why begrudge a chap a coffee! That is just mean! Terry

Business owner ★★★★

by - Version 1.42 - Dec 5, 2012

Love this app. I love the fact that it has list titles, sublist and notes for each task. Works very smoothly. Wish it had color schemes for background or even wallpaper options for main page background. Overall great app!

Privacy issue ★★

by RonnyB23 - Version 1.30 - Nov 16, 2012

Latest upgrade requires you to pay for your privacy. I don't mind paying for features but having to pay to keep your privacy is a bit much. I am deleting the app and switching to Paperless.

[Human Friendly Response] Even if this item is not purchased only anonymous information about use of the app and error reporting is collected. This is valuable information to enable Human Friendly to improve the application (several bugs have been found by this mechanism and fixed in 1.41 and 1.42) but we recognise that some people may prefer no data collection at all so this option is available. The cost is to compensate for denying the information and to discourage opt-out. Please review the privacy policy if you have any concerns.

Great app ★★★★

by Unknown 33 - Version 1.30 - Nov 9, 2012

I love the app I use it on my Ipad and Ipod. I do wish my lists would be transferable from one to the other. I just started using it and was wishing that it had a copy feature and two days later you updated it with just that. Thanks. When you can transfer list from one devise to another it gets 5 stars.

[Human Friendly Response] You can copy a list between devices using the email functionality. Live updating sync is something we are still considering the best approach to as we need to be careful to handle simultaneous changes correctly and avoid losing data. We also need to consider if there is a significant benefit to allowing sharing between people (not on the same iCloud account) so we may decide to roll our own server solution.

Basic + Simple = Great app ★★★★★

by LeDrwho - Version 1.27 - Oct 28, 2012

Very easy to use : let's you create separate lists for different shops, easy tick system when item has been bought.

Great app ★★★★

by lfsdp - Version 1.27 - Oct 20, 2012

Great app, easy to use. The only drawbacks are that it does not allow to copy a list into another and that it does not allow to clear all the ticks of the list with one operation so that the list could be reused.

[Human Friendly Response] Great suggesions. 'Clear All' is implemented in version 1.30 along with a whole list copy. Copying a list into another list is something that we would like to do but we need to think carefully about the user interface for it. Maybe in a future version although no promise at this point.

Best one I've tried ★★★★★

by Fruitybeetle - Version 1.27 - Oct 4, 2012

I thought I would review this as I tried about 5 of the most highly rated/ popular "to do" list apps before settling on this one. It was the only one that allowed nested lists, a feature I really wanted. It feels much cleaner and simpler. I don't want to attach an icon to lists and stuff, which is an unnecessary feature of other apps. I would like the reorder function to apply to top level of lists rather than just the nested elements. Still this app deserves more kudos to put it up there with the others.

[Human Friendly Response] An option to manually sort the top level list of lists is something we are considering. As this list is alphabetical consider prefixing list names with numbers to force an ordering.

Fantastic Little App ★★★★★

by Lisa137 - Version 1.27 - Sep 24, 2012

A brilliant app for organising my holidays, Christmas cards etc. One small issue I have - and that is simply the fact that it would be a good idea if I could copy one to another instead of writing out a whole new list , eg A summer holiday list + a winter holiday list - all the same on most parts - but obviously a few changes - Thank you.

[Human Friendly Response] Copy list feature implemented in version 1.30. Thanks for the feedback.

Great App ★★★★★

by Barb Dwyre - Version 1.20 - Sep 15, 2012

I really like this app for simple lists such as packing lists, and things to bring. I hope someday you will make it printable.

[Human Friendly Response] Emailing printable lists supported since 1.27 although an in-app purchase is required if you first installed version 1.30 or later.

Neat little app! ★★★★★

by Kiwi overseas - Version 1.20 - Sep 15, 2012

This is a neat little app. I've downloaded a few list apps and this is the best one It is quick and easy to pick up (I've worked out about 90% of it so far) I did not have any trouble reordering the lists

Great List App ★★★★★

by Up River - Version 1.20 - Aug 1, 2012

This is a great app for making quick lists that you need to run through. Nice for trip packing, daily "To-Do's" and other lists that just come to mind. Very simple to create lists, use them and discard them.

Great for shopping and projects ★★★★

by lbdsgn - Version 1.20 - Jul 29, 2012

This is a great generic tool with just the right features that let you use it for many purposes. Other list apps are too use- specific. I am now using this for repeating shopping lists, because you typically buy 70% the same things each week. Nested lists are not intuitive - I suggest the developers improve the way they are created and referred to, but I got the hang of it eventually.

[Human Friendly Response] Sorry about the confusion. If anyone has specific suggestions to improve this area we would welcome them by email to

Not a nice enough word to put here! ★★★★★

by - Version 1.20 - Jul 13, 2012

I don't often review apps, but this one I felt needed bringing forward because after a lot of searching for an app where I could form my own lists, I was close to paying for one (an over priced one at £1.49!) All I wanted was a simple app for making a holiday packing list. When I came across this app it looked great, and I couldn't understand why it seemed buried beneath piles of poo, so this I why I'm writing all this! The app is great, simple interface and easy to use. Of course there are things which could improve but it's free and a damn site bette than some of the paid ones! All I could suggest is that when you're not editing the list, the items come closer together since when I first began using I noticed a lot of empty space. This isn't really something which affects the functionality so still 5 stars!!! Thank you FastLists!!! ☺❤❤❤

Yay! ★★★★★

by Rainbows121 - Version 1.20 - Jul 13, 2012

Finally an app that lets me create lists and check items off that I don't have to pay for!!! Thank you! Recommend! Simple, but it does the job!

Ok ★★★

by Kochanski1139044 - Version 1.20 - Jul 4, 2012

Love the look and the ability to check off items and write further notes on individual items. But inability to re-order items on a list is a deal breaker for me.

[Human Friendly Response] Lists can be re-ordered. Select 'Edit' and then drag the right hand side of the item or list that you want to move. Apologies for this not being obvious. It is a usability issue we will look into improving in future.

Of practical use ★★★★★

by Dominus traveller - Version 1.20 - Jul 3, 2012

Simple, easy to use, multi-purpose list-making app. Have used for general to-do lists; holiday-planning to-do lists; packing lists; shopping lists. Now with the important improvement that lists can be shared between my iPad and iPhone. So now it is 5 stars.

Simple ★★★★★

by MishiCola - Version 1.12 - Apr 25, 2012

Exactly what I need for multiple ongoing lists that tend to repeat over time. Reminds me of an improved To-Do List from the Palm Pilot that I had been missing for the last decade.

So far so good ★★★★★

by WHITE G0LD - Version 1.10 - Feb 7, 2012

Perfect. Don't change to too much

Quite good but should learn from idealista ★★★

by Sunshinesummer2013 - Version 1.10 - Feb 7, 2012

Should be able to email list, the need to choose/per decide a new entry as a list or a new item is cumbersome, what if I want to develop an item to a new list? Now there no way to do. Again, quite good but should learn from idealista, it is much faster and more efficient. In the future if have sync function will be great

[Human Friendly Response] Emailing now supported and the entry creation has also been streamlined in a similar manner to that requested. Sync is not yet supported although is still under consideration.

Excellent! ★★★★★

by JeanVK - Version 1.01 - Jan 11, 2012

This is just what I needed for organizing and NOT losing my various lists. So simple and quick to use and easy to refer back to. Nothing fancy just VERY easy to use.

The perfect list app ★★★★★

by KreatureComfy42 - Version 1.01 - Dec 16, 2011

This is the list app I've been waiting for- the one that should come with every iPhone. It is simple & intuitive. Super easy to add either an item or a sublist. I've tried lots of different to-do programs but this is the most clutter-free while still including all the functions I need to make it useful & efficient. Love the big easy to see font & check box. Appreciate the ability to make notes for items. Very helpful & makes up for my poor memory.

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