Privacy Policy

Human Friendly Ltd. does not currently collect process or store personal data. The information below describes the information that may be collected from the Fast Lists to improve the software.

Emails received will be retained and email addresses may be collected to allow information about product updates and new products to be distributed but these will not be linked to any of the anonymous data collection.

Future versions

This is the privacy policy for Fast Lists and it will remain available here and may be updated when new versions of Fast Lists are released. If you have disabled 'Usage reporting' in the settings a single message will be sent to Human Friendly indicating that you have opted out of usage reporting and no further messages will be sent.

3rd Party Suppliers

Between version 1.40 and 1.51 this app will used the services of Parse and you and find their policies here.

Parse currently use Amazon Web Services to provide their infrastructure and their policies can be found here.

Parse was purchased by Facebook so Human Friendly will migrate to a self hosted solution in version 1.60. At some point it may be decided to use a VPS provider such as Rackspace or Digital Ocean.

Usage Reporting

Even with 'Usage Reporting' enabled all data sent will be anonymous and will contain no information about the contents of your lists or their titles. To disable 'Usage Reporting' an in-app purchase is required.

Information expected to be collected includes some or all of the following:

  • Device type
  • iOS version
  • Fast Lists version
  • Language and country setting
  • Frequency of app usage
  • Number of lists used
  • Number of items in each list
  • Number of sublists
  • Nesting depth of sublists
  • Fast Lists in-app purchases made and recipts for verification
  • Version originally installed
  • First run date
  • Usage of different app functions
  • An ID generated for the particular install of Fast Lists to track usage over time.
  • Additional information about use of Fast Lists

The purpose of gathering this information is to understand how the app is used so that further developments can be properly directed.

The Following is NOT Collected

The following will not be collected as part of normal operation:

  • List titles
  • List contents
  • Apple ID
  • Personal information
  • Information about other apps

All the above information is your private information and Human Friendly do not want or need it. Some of the above information is not available to the app at all (such as the Apple ID which is not sent even when you purchase in-app items).

Error Reporting

The ability to send error emails is expected to remain as in version 1.30 and earlier as is the potential for information to be revealed by crash reports from Apple in the event of a crash.


If advertising is not disabled some information may be revealed to Apple and the advertisers on the iAd network. This is not within the control of Human Friendly Ltd. but of Apple. If you disable advertising (in-app purchase required) then the advertising component will not be enabled and no information will leak.


Fast Lists offers you the ability to send your lists by email. This is sent using your normal email account and is as private as any other email you send. It can obviously be read by recipients.

Encryption and Publication

Human Friendly Ltd will encrypt information in normal uses and not make it publicly accessible except in the form of aggregated statistics.

Apple are responsible for the iAd system and are responsible for the management of related data.

Law enforcement

It is highly unlikely that Human Friendly Ltd. will have access to any information that would be requested by law enforcement agencies. In the unlikely event that requests are made we will co-operate with valid court orders. Where permitted we will endeavour to inform affected users although our very lack of personal or contact information is likely to make that difficult.

It is also unlikely but possible that Parse or Amazon may be forced to reveal information potentially without Human Friendly Ltd. being informed of the situation. If we become aware of anything we will endeavour to inform users.

Versions 1.30 and earlier

Up to and including version 1.30 there is no hidden network funcitonality or reporting in this app. There is no advertising.

The only mechanism for sending any information outside of the app is email. This comes in two forms and both of which allow you to see the message being sent.

Firstly there is the ability to send the lists by email and this will use your phone/iPad configured email account and be sent only to the recipients you configure.

Secondly in the event of some software errors being detected you may be asked if you want to send an error report to Human Friendly. Please do so as it will allow improvements in future versions of the software to prevent such problems. If you do send an error email you can review the information that will be sent. It will contain some information about the problem encountered and also information about the device you are using (model, free memory etc.) that may assist in fixing the issue for future versions. Feel free to delete any of this information you are uncomfortable with sending but please do not modify it in any other way. If you are unhappy to send any information just cancel the send message. If you do send an error message this way you may receive a follow up email to the address you sent the report from.

The other potential source of information from your app is that in the event of a software crash Apple may make some information about the state of the application at the time of the crash which may reveal (although it is unlikely) some information. The information about the state of the app when it crashed can be helpful in preventing similar issues with future software versions. If you want to opt out of this (for all applications on your device) choose "Don't Send" in "Settings->General->About->Diagnostics & Usage". At the date of writing Human Friendly has received no crash reports from Apple (hopefully that means Fast Lists has never crashed on a user's device) so this is only a potential source of information.