Privacy Policy


Human Friendly endeavours to minimise personal information collected both by ourselves and by 3rd party suppliers and service providers. We never use any trackers nor work with any advertisers (Fast Lists did use Apple's own iAd system for a time some years ago).

Law enforcement

It is highly unlikely that Human Friendly Ltd. will have access to any information that would be requested by law enforcement agencies. In the unlikely event that requests are made we will co-operate with valid court orders. Where permitted we will endeavour to inform affected users although our very lack of personal or contact information is likely to make that difficult.

It is also unlikely but possible thatApple may be forced to reveal information potentially without Human Friendly Ltd. being informed of the situation. If we become aware of anything we will endeavour to inform users.

Human Friendly doesn't co-operate with the TLAs (three letter agencies NSA, CIA, MI5, FSB and GCHQ) but we are also unlikely to be able to protect you from them.

Information from Apple

Human Friendly gets certain anonymous statistics and crash report information from Apple including aggregate usage analytics. There is no personal information here but if you want to opt out (for all apps) go to Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements and deactivate "Share iPhone & Watch Analytics" and/or "Share with App Developers". This information does provide useful information especially to help diagnose crashes.

Beta Testing

Some additional tracking takes place if you participate in a testing program and install the app through TestFlight. This information can include what version you have installed and how many sessions you have run. There are also ways you can send bug reports from within the app that will also carry some data.

Support requests, Bug reports and Feature requests

Information emailed to Human Friendly is retained to look for patterns of issues, common feature requests etc. We may also inform you when the issue is resolved using the contact email you reported the bug with. This also applies to emails sent from within the apps which may also include some diagnostic information in the email by default (although you can remove it).

Fast Lists Sync

List Storage (iCloud)

Lists content is stored in Apple's iCloud system. Apple likely have access to your list content. Human Friendly does not have access to the list content.

Purchases (RevenueCat / Apple)

When you subscribe to Fast Lists Sync the purchase takes place through the App Store mechanisms and non of your payment information is available only to Apple. The app receives a receipt from Apple so that the service can be unlocked, this contains some information mostly about the purchases not personal information or identifiers (example decrypted receipt). Human Friendly use RevenueCat to process these receipts but we do not provide any identifying or other information to RevenueCat and do not regard the information provided to RevenueCat as personal information however they will get an install unique identifier. Their processing is done under the terms of the Data Processing Addendum.

Share functionality

Content of shared lists is out of the control of Human Friendly and the privacy is dependent on the sharing mechanism used.

Fast Lists

Usage Reporting

Some basic data about how the app was being used but including no list content was collected by some older versions of the app. The data is no longer actually used and has never included personal data or list content but did include:

  • Device type
  • iOS version
  • Fast Lists version
  • Language and country setting
  • Frequency of app usage
  • Number of lists used
  • Number of items in each list
  • umber of sublists
  • Nesting depth of sublists
  • Fast Lists in-app purchases made and recipts for verification
  • Version originally installed
  • First run date
  • Usage of different app functions
  • An ID generated for the particular install of Fast Lists to track usage over time.
  • Additional information about use of Fast Lists


If you us the email option to send lists the privacy of the list is beyond the scope of Human Friendly's control. Email is often insecure and clearly recipients and those they pass the email onto will have full access to the shared list.

Phonics UK

No information is collected outside of the general privacy policy. Only Apple's basic anonymous analytics and crash reporting provide us with any data at all.


No third party tracking is done. First party cookies may be used but no analytics are collected and these are only for functionality purposes.


The blog is hosted by Posthaven. Human Friendly has not configured any tracking such as Google Analytics but have not verified that tracking is not added by the host for this site. Please refer to the Posthaven privacy policy for the privacy impact of visiting the blog.