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If anything isn't clear or there are any features or changes you think would improve the application please let us know by email at: We would love to here from you. And if you make requests by email we can follow up with further questions or support if required.

If you like Fast Lists please leave a review on the App Store. This is not a good route for comments and complaints though as we cannot respond as we can to emails.

There is a user guide below but the interface should be explorable if you just want to give it a try. Feel free to experiment or email if you have any questions.

Known bugs and recent fixes

iOS 8 crashes on 2.07 - I'm receiving numerous crash reports on iOS 8.0 and 8.02 mostly on iPhone 4S and 5 models however I haven't been able to reproduce it. 2.10 is with Apple for review and it is built with the latest iOS 8 SDK but I am not confident it will resolve the issue. Any information that you can send about crashes to is greatly appreciated. Hopefully the release waiting for Apple's approval will clear up this issue but there may have to be further releases. Apologies for this issue.

Version 2.05 fixes a crash related to undo actions and an issue with the link to submit App Store reviews. An upgrade to (2.07) is strongly recommended for iOS 7 users (1.79 is the recommended version for iOS 6 users).

In versions 2.00 and 2.01 you can't create sublists by using the bottom cell of a list on the iPad. Workaround is to use the Plus button at the very top of the screen which will give you a working choice. This is fixed in 2.02 which has been sent to Apple for review on 18th December.

Versions between 1.73 to 1.78 will crash on the iOS 5/6 if you tap the Plus on the list of lists to when a name has not been entered in the box. This is resolved in version 1.79. Please update to 1.79 if you are still an iOS 5/6 user.

Fast Lists Guide


Most of this guide will show example screens on the iPhone/iPod touch but the iPad interface is very similar except for the fact you can access multiple levels of the list at the same time.

Please note that the screenshots are for Fast Lists 1.x and should be updated for Fast Lists 2 soon but the screen layouts are correct and operation methods are the same, just the appearance has changed slightly including the icons.

  • Touch a list and it will appear to the right
    • or touch an item to see the details.
  • To close it either select another list (or item)
    • or drag the open list left.
iPad screenshot

Create Lists

The initial screen that you see is the list of lists.

  1. Type the name for the list in the box with the plus icon next to it.
  2. Press return or touch the plus icon

You should now see your new empty list.

Instead of creating a new list if you have already created any lists you can use the "Copy List" button at the bottom of the screen and then select the list you want to duplicate.

Topemptyportraitorig Typinglistnameportraitorig

Add Items

Adding items to a list is just like adding new lists.

  1. Type the name for the item or sublist in the box with the plus icon next to it.
  2. Check the right type is selected below.
    • Item is for a tickable item in your list
    • List will create a sub-list within your main list that can keep items or other lists within it.
  3. Press return or touch the plus icon

New installs from version 1.30 onwards will be limited to 100 items (upgraders keep unlimited items) in total between all lists unless an in-app purchase is made. You can increase the limit by 100 or 200 items or remove the limit entirely by buying 'Unlimited Items' or 'Everything'. Whichever purchase you can make can be applied to all your devices associated with the iTunes account. Just select 'Restore Purchases' in 'Settings' on each device.

Newemptylist Examplelist

Viewing and ticking Items

To go into a item or sub-list touch the ">" at the right hand side. The numbers shown on lists indicate the number of ticked items and the total number of items within the list.

You can toggle the ticked state by touching the square at the right hand side.

Within an item you can add some notes if you need to store more information with an item although it is not necessary.

You can also clear all items to reuse the list for the next trip. The button to do this is at the bottom of the list screen.

Sublist Details Itemsticked Detailsticked

Editing a List

Item titles in the list can be edited simply by touching the title box and updating the text

To reorder or delete items and lists:

  1. Touch the edit button at the top
    • The button will change to 'Done' as shown in these screenshots.
  2. To delete
    1. For each item or list you want to delete tap the circle next to it.
    2. Tap the 'Delete' button in the bottom left.
  3. To reorder an item or list
    1. Touch and hold the three lines at the right.
    2. Drag the item or list to the correct place in the list.
  4. Tap 'Done' to return to the normal mode

Note: The toplevel list of lists cannot be reordered and it will maintain aphabetical although versions 1.30 and earlier have a bug that means capitals are treated as coming before all lower case characters.

If you need to sort the list of lists you can prefix the names with numbers to bring them to the top of the list in the order that you need.

Editmode Editmodedrag

Hiding and Flattening

Buttons at the bottom allow you to hide the items that have already been ticked and to flatten the view so that the contents of all sub-lists is visible. These are useful in combination to find the last unticked items.

The buttons can be found in the bottom right of the screen and will change between 'Hide' and 'Show' and 'Flat' and 'Nest' as pressed. Give them a try.

While the list is hiding ticked items or flattened 'Edit' mode will only let you delete items - not reorder.

These screen shots all show the same list with different options selected. The first is the normal mode and you can tell what mode the other are in but the function offered by the buttons in the bottom right.

Htnormal Hthide Htflat Htflathide

Emailing lists

At the top level of the list there is an action button at the bottom allowing you to send lists by email. You can load lists that you receive by email by opening the email in the normal email program and clicking on the attachment item which should launch Fast Lists with the new list loaded.

Options for email type:

  • Attachment

    Just attaches the Fast Lists file for opening on another device and a link to install the application

  • Attachment and text *

    Includes the attachment and the list presented as test with all items and nested lists and whether the items have been ticked. This can be read in most email software and could be printed from there.

  • Attachment and text with details *

    As the 'Attachment and text' option but it also includes any notes and quantities attached to items.

All emails are sent using your normal email account. If email is set up on your device all you need to do set the recipient(s) and press send. You can alter the email title and message contents as you want although if you delete the attachment then the list can't be opened in Fast Lists.

* This feature requires an in-app purchase which you will be offered if you try to use it. Both email modes are available if you purchase 'Email readable lists' ($0.99 US or equivalent) or 'Everything' ($4.99 US or equivalent and includes all current purchase future options and any future feature updates that don't need server support.

Emailoptions Emailattachonly Emailtext Emaildetails